Heart of Clojure 2024

Talks and Sessions CFP

This is the Call for Proposals for Heart of Clojure.

We are looking for Talks — you on stage, talking to full Heart of Clojure audience — and sessions — you leading or moderating a smaller group, from a dozen to a hundred people.

We are interested in talks that cross the gap between programming and the wider world, that synthesize lessons from other fields, and make connections between disparate intellectual schools. Talks that consider the practice of software development holistically, and from the perspective of the humans involved.

We are also interested in deep technical talks, but these too should situate themselves in the wider world. What real world context gave rise to this technological solution? Who are the people involved, and how does this impact them?

Talks and sessions do not have to be about Clojure. They merely have to be interesting to the kind of people who are drawn to Clojure. Inquisitive, open minded people, who prefer solving problems over solving puzzles. We warmly welcome people who are active in other communities, or other fields, to come share with us their knowledge and experience.

We are open to talks across experience levels. The average Clojurist has a good few years of experience in the industry, but we also want more novice developers to be able to enjoy the conference, learn a few things, and have a good experience. The ideal talk is either accessible to all levels of experience, or for more technical talks has enough of an introduction to be self-contained. Assume limited prior knowledge, but a great ability to quickly get up to speed. A bit of initial context and definition of terms can help to not needlessly leave people behind.

Apart from talks we will have sessions, where people split up into multiple areas to interact and work around certain topics. If you are proposing a talk, consider if it could be a session as well. We have defined a number of session types that we would be interested in seeing, but this is not an exhaustive list. Do you have something else in mind? Pitch us your idea!

  • Workshop, where an instructor walks you step by step through the use of a library, project, or technology
  • Birds of a Feather, where a moderator guides discussion around a topic of interest
  • Office Hours, where a maintainer or contributor of a project is available to answer questions and help others
  • Call for Contributors, where people can show up who want to contribute to an open source project or community initiative, and are shown the ropes

Speakers will have their ticket and hotel paid for. If you already bought a ticket we'll reimburse it. That also means you shouldn't wait with buying a ticket. If you wait for the CFP decision before getting a ticket they may be sold out or gone up in price.

We intend to also pay everyone's fare to the conference, i.e. train tickets or possibly plane tickets, but this will depend on the budget (sponsors and tickets sold). If the budget is exceptionally tight we may only reimburse up to a certain amount. We should have more clarity about this by the time the CFP decisions are made.

We expect to start contacting speakers second half of June, and to finalize most of the program by end of June. Please be patient with us, everyone will get a response, but it may take some time.

For more background information on the conference format, see our newsletter on the topic.

Please share this CFP far and wide, including to people who are not part of the Clojure community!

Is there someone you think we should invite? Are there projects or community initiatives you think should be represented at the conference? Do you have other questions about the CFP or in general? Email us at orga@heartofclojure.eu.

You can enter proposals until 2024-05-31 00:00 (UTC), 1 week, 5 days from now.